Why proper testing is important for a good customer experience.

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The increase in digitization and technology infuses almost every aspect of our up-to-date lives – be it personal or commercial. Modern day businesses are looking for ways to create a large impact on trade while delivering a high level of customer experience. This has made it imperative for the businesses to accept the importance of proper well-planned testing.

Moreover, executing well-defined testing strategies for better customer experience is eliminates the unnecessary along with keeping the customers loyal, satisfied, and happy.

A well planned and executed testing definitely solves the burden of complex customer queries in less time giving more satisfaction.

From eliminating bugs, to checking the responsiveness and keeping a tab on the quality performance, testing efficiently generates opportunities and takes customer’s experience to the next level.

But, it isn’t as easy as ABC!

Ensuring best experience for a customer through a complex omni-channel journey is the most challenging task. The set-up itself entails complex methods, technologies, and infrastructure.

So, to ensure good customer experience proper standards and tests are required.


Well, simply because –

It ensures a smooth and sound customer’s journey throughout the process.
It guarantees proper designing and establishment of the software.
Moreover, it also secures agent’s experience.
It ensures that even under the pressure of solving a complex customer query in the real time, agents offer efficient and effective solutions.


Customer’s experience is directly related to the functional aspects of the contact centre. This includes performance, glitch and receptiveness. Testing ensures every functional aspect is working efficiently to elevate the chances of a better customer experience.


A study at Zendesk shows that 42% of customers agreed that they indulged in buying more after a good customer experience whereas 52% of customers agreed that they stopped buying after one bad contact centre performance.

Yes, patience may well be the mother of all virtues. But, with the era of digitisation, the patience and focus span of people has reduced abruptly. Now, people are not willing to wait.

Testing ensures that the performance of omni-channel is effective, efficient and rapid. It shows that the contact centre performs well free from all the bugs and errors to deliver better customer experience. It guarantees an organized database, 24*7 availability, and efficiency to solve many queries at the tip of the fingertips by providing reliable performance always.


With such a diverse channelled journey, errors are inevitable. This is a fact!

But, testing minimises their occurrences in order to ensure there is no negative impact on performance. And, hence it improves customer’s experience, confidence and their level of satisfaction.


Many customers refrain from engaging with call centers simply due to the long and tedious process. It shows non-responsiveness and delivers only bad customer experience. But, with testing of an automated cloud-based call center maintaining a consistent level of satisfactory customer experience is easier.

Less customers abandon because of the better accessibility and connect better due to gained trust and confidence.

Testing impeccably merges communication networks and reduces many traditional obstacles for the customers. This means it provides consistent accessibility to customers from anywhere and anytime!


Testing not only makes a contact centre user-friendly but it also improves the quality of the customer service.

By implementing tests and removing unnecessary bugs, it helps you deliver service better than the rest. It also reduces the time and money and helps a contact centre offer nothing but smooth, high quality customer experiences. It guarantees a memorable and engaging user experience that generates customer loyalty.


Today’s digital customers have a wide array of choices. Their experience and satisfaction throughout the journey influences their ultimate decisions. This power shift has increased the efforts of contact centres to ensure end-user delight. For this reason, it has become paramount for contact centres to execute effective testing throughout the omni-channel journey.

With time, there is increased emphasis and time & effort spent on delivering better customer experience.

This is achieved by implementing tests that guarantee both – a profitable investment for the contact centre and better experience for customers. It leads to building a family of loyal customers, a better brand reputation and, most importantly, content customers.

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