Customer Success Story - Electrolux Group

The world’s leading household appliances manufacturer, Electrolux Group, aims to provide an exceptional, longlasting branded experience for all its consumers.

The Solution - QuickTest

Electrolux Group had a very specific and important user case: They wanted to be able to test the interactions in relation to an unknown customer, so required the calls to originate from a phone number not previously known by their Customer Relationship Management platform (CRM) and this was not possible with their existing tool. In their quest to address these challenges, the company started exploring other options and were introduced to QuickTest

Results Achieved

  • Migrated from their previous tool to QuickTest in less than a month 
  • Automated 100 test suites Tested across all channels 
  • Tested across all channels 3.5x faster than manual testing, saving 4 days in every sprint cycle

“With QuickTest, our team was
overjoyed as the migration process unfolded seamlessly, completing in less than a month.”

– Valliammai Senthilnathan, Engineering
Manager for QA & Release Team at Electrolux.

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