Increase Team Efficiency and Productivity

Efficiency and productivity is the name of the game in test automation nowadays, with a combination of speed combined with robustness. QuickTest features offer you just that – SPEED and ROBUSTNESS.

In-country Dialing

QuickTest helps you schedule any type of test case, ensuring that it runs automatically. Results will be shared via SMS or email. Enjoy additional peace of mind, improved quality of service bringing about customer satisfaction and a reduced churn rate, as well as less downtime, reduced MTTR and smaller number of maintenance actions. It can create alerts and directly feed it to your monitoring platform so that the corrective actions can be taken

Service Assurance and Proactive Monitoring

If you are managing your contact centre technology how do you make sure all the IVR flows and routing are working currently or ChatBOT with various channels? QuickTest can help you to run the Tests as per the schedule set by the user. It can run the test every 5 mins to daily, Weekly or even use the Cron Job to schedule a custom schedule. We will run the test and send the results out by Email, SMS or WhatsApp or even via API’s. The user friendly Interface allows to modify/delete the schedules. The Test can also be performed using API’s and get the results back. Enjoy additional peace of mind, improved quality of service bringing about customer satisfaction and a reduced churn rate, as well as less downtime, reduced MTTR and a smaller number of maintenance actions. It can create alerts and directly feed it to your monitoring platform so that corrective actions can be taken..

Functional Testing

Automated functional and regression testing that executes scripted test cases on a software application. Thanks to this feature, you and your team can dramatically expand test coverage while maintaining the same labor cost.

Automated IVR Testing

The traditional IVR has been around for over 25 years in various forms, but now the technology is changing firstly with DTMF, then NLU and now with Voice BOT, so it’s hard to keep up with the Testing. QuickTest allows you to test the customer experience by performing comprehensive IVR testing. The development teams puts a lot of effort in designing and implementing the flows and more time in testing them. What if you have a tool which made IVR testing quick and easy. Just define test cases including complex scenarios such as customer authentication, various actives such as getting bill details or upgrading the plan and many more and QuickTest will perform tests automatically thanks to our AI powered contact centre testing platform. QuickTest is able to perform various types of IVR testing.

Discover the industry's most comprehensive automated IVR testing solution for contact centres.

The quality of the experience delivered to customers by a contact center is a vital component of reducing frustrations and concerns. With unlimited testing capabilities, you are able to conduct end-to-end testing across your entire infrastructure by generating test calls that replicate the path of a customer call and analyze the experience received, so you can always provide the highest level of service to your customer. 

Testing audio and voice quality has always been a challenge for contact centers, but with QuickTest's offering, it has never been simpler. 

  • Increase the accuracy of your contact center testing
  • Foster continued innovation by automating the discovery of IVR applications
  • Reduce team downtime
  • Ensure the highest levels of performance
  • Provide the best possible customer experience
Get in touch today to request your free demo to discover how you can start testing your complex contact center environment through every stage of the development cycle and in production. 

Load and Performance Testing ​

QuickTest is able to load the system for various channels and stress the system so that you know if the platform is working as you have designed. You can load the platform not only when you have deployed but after each major upgrade. Load testing determines a system’s behaviour under peak load conditions and identifies capacity and bottlenecks. For example, an IVR system needs to be tested to see if it can handle call spikes when thousands of calls deluge the contact centre. In an omnichannel world, web chat, email, call back, and other channels could spike at the same time, as well. You need to test and prepare for those scenarios. QuickTest is able to provide call quality data such as PDD, Jitter, packet loss, etc..

Virtual Agent

QuickTest is able to test the end to end experience including Agent login as an agent and answer interactions so that you get a complete validation. QuickTest is able to initiate an Interaction from the entry point which uses the Contact Centre Routing and finally it is routed to an Agent which is logged in
Organisations need a solution that assures that calls and data get routed to the right agent, with the right data, and that the experience is flawless. These capabilities need functional, regression, load testing, and production monitoring.
The solution should:

  • Test the customer-to-agent experience end-to-end;
  • Mimic real-life agent interactions and workflows;
  • Ensure that the CTI infrastructure is operating properly;
  • Ensure that the routing of calls goes to the right agents;
  • Validate that correct information is delivered to an agent;
  • Measure and validate desktop application timing and responsiveness;
  • Reuse test cases for functional, regression, and load testing, as well as monitoring.

Multi Channel

The Customer Care platform is fast evolving and new channels are getting added such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Email etc. There is no technology available to test these channels automatically. There is where QuickTest comes in, it is able to offer not only Voice but also Digital channels such as Chat, Email, SMS, WhatsApp etc.