Transform Your CX with CloudCX at Genesys Xperience 2024

We're thrilled to announce that CloudCX will be exhibiting at this year's Genesys Xperience event in Denver, Colorado, from May 12th to 2024. As proud sponsors of this premier event, we invite you to visit us at booth BS8 and explore how to craft exceptional customer experiences at every touchpoint.

About Genesys Xperience

  • Discover game-changing sessions for exceptional CX
  • Stay ahead with the latest in digital, AI, and journey management
  • Gain insights from customer panels on digital, workforce engagement, and the cloud
  • Join Genesys leadership to shape the future of CX together

Save $500 on Your Event Pass

As an exhibitor at the event, we are delighted to offer you an exclusive discount. Please use the code “XPR24CLCX” when registering to receive early bird discounts for your conference pass. Just go to the registration link here and use the discount code.

Join Us Live at Our Speaker Session

Learn How QuickTest Revolutionized Electrolux's Testing Workflow Join us for a compelling session as we delve into Electrolux's transformative journey with QuickTest. Discover how Electrolux elevated customer satisfaction by guaranteeing uninterrupted contact center services across diverse channels through active monitoring of live systems.

Explore Electrolux’s journey to customer-centricity firsthand. From overcoming parallel execution limitations to tackling maintenance and onboarding challenges, they faced numerous obstacles on their quest for operational efficiency. Delve into the details of their previous tool and the pivotal role of QuickTest as a beacon of hope and innovation.

Gain practical insights, strategies, and the transformative power of QuickTest in driving customer-centric excellence. Get a closer look at Electrolux’s innovative testing strategy, successful QuickTest implementation, and valuable takeaways for your organization’s customer-centric initiatives.

Meet the CloudCX Team

Our team will be showcasing our industry-leading contact center testing and automation solutions at Genesys Xperience.

With end-to-end multi-channel testing and automation capabilities, CloudCX makes it easy for organizations to identify service-impacting issues and correct them before they damage your brand reputation or customer experience.

Visiting Genesys Xperience in Denver? Join the CloudCX team at Booth #BS8 for a personalized look at how our solutions can help you.

  • Automate and accelerate contact center testing by 10X
  • Lower testing time and costs
  • Quickly identify and resolve issues to protect your brand
  • Ensure CX consistency across all channels
  • Ensure system availability during peaks
  • Prevent revenue loss from performance issues
  • Monitor Genesys environment modifications easily
  • Streamline Genesys application upgrades with one click

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