Automation Testing Challenges and How to Overcome Them

It is important to automate your testing as an organization. However, there are bound to be certain challenges that come with automation testing. In this article, we will look at these challenges, and learn how to best solve them.     Some automation testing challenges include: Overwhelming amounts of test results data. Dynamic test automation. Labor-intensive […]

How automation in testing can help organizations

Everyone from start-up businesses to large enterprises is prioritizing digitization for their operations. And in today’s world, swift and relentless product launches that do not compromise on features, user experience, and time is the end goal. Every business wants its website to be up and live 24/7, and test automation services are now very sort […]

How to pick the right balance between manual testing and test automation

Software testing is a very essential part of developing a successful software project. From integration testing to network testing, smoke testing to regression testing, there are a lot of test strategies out there. Besides there numerous different strategies, there is also the question of which is better between manual testing and automated testing. Here, we […]

Automated Testing Best Practices and Tips

For a software product launch to succeed, thorough testing has to be carried out. If a software doesn’t work as it should, the chances are that customers would not purchase or use that software. However, testing to spot bugs and defects can be expensive, boring, error-prone, and time consuming. Automated testing helps organizations and businesses […]

Benefits of Automated Testing in Contact Centre

With restructured technology and a widespread audience, contemporary day businesses are looking for ways to create a large impact on trade through unceasing modernized technology. A value of a minute is more than a minute when customers expect easy access and fast solutions. Moving forward in the automation era, companies are persistently augmenting their contact […]