Our top testing myth-busters!!

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 “If you don’t like testing your product, most likely your customers won’t like to test it either.” said an anonymous wise soul!

This is especially true when your customers pick up the phone or go to your website or contact using social media to get help and support; and they are left frustrated with broken journeys, poor experience, or worse – a dropped call!

If you are not regularly testing and monitoring your contact centre customer journeys, your customers are quite likely experiencing issues and getting frustrated. 2022 research from Qualtrics (Nasdaq: XM) finds that globally, organizations risk 6.7% of their revenue, or $3.1 trillion, when they lose customers due to poor experiences. So, it’s imperative that organisations continually invest in testing the customer experience they are delivering via their contact centres.

So, is your organisation investing in validating and testing the customer experience delivered by the contact centre?

In this article, we look at the common reasons why your organisation may not have invested in an automated testing and monitoring tool. We will explain how our Testing as a Service (TaaS) offer and our automated testing and monitoring platform: QuickTest  are helping our clients bust the myths surrounding customer experience testing:

Regular Testing is time consuming.

Yes, manual testing can be time consuming and frankly very repetitive and boring. It is not the best use of time for your organisation’s most valuable assets: your people! QuickTest automates all aspects of your contact centre testing. The scripts are easy to create and update. Detailed insights are available for each test run and we offer unlimited concurrent testing to ensure all your contact centre channels are performing to the required standard.

We do not have the resources.

Organisations world-wide are facing an acute shortage of talent and ever shrinking budgets. Here at QuickTest, we recognise this challenge. That is why we now offer Testing as a Service (TaaS). You can choose to buy QuickTest platform (or indeed any other testing platform), and we will provide a fully managed testing service to manage all your testing needs end-to-end. Our teams of Test and QA resources are experienced professionals and experts in the use of test automation tools and deliver a highly cost-efficient service. 

We are under tight project timelines.

QuickTest is offered as a  SaaS platform and our TaaS offer will mean you never have to worry about the time it takes to run and manage your organisation’s testing requirements. We can have you up and running with automated testing in a matter of hours. Automated testing is quicker than manual testing, more in-depth, easy to re-run when you find defects and up to 80% cheaper than the cost of running manual tests.

Our call flows/interaction flows are quite simple and static.

That may be true in some cases but highly unlikely for most environments. Today’s contact centre platforms are complex, often a mix of various technology and infrastructure platforms. In addition, most businesses make frequent changes to the interaction flows to adapt to the evolving needs of the business and their customers. QuickTest offers you the flexibility to choose the level of testing and the frequency. It lets you select the success and failure criteria to match your organisation’s customer experience objectives.

Service assurance and monitoring is our System Integrator or CCaaS provider’s responsibility.

Your business is likely to have contractual KPIs and even service credits agreed with the software, technology, and infrastructure providers. However, service credits would not help address the bad experience and frustration a poorly designed call flow or an outage to the critical support line would have caused for your customers. The boundaries in your integrated technology stack with a mix of on-premises and cloud applications are difficult to draw and often result in problems going unnoticed until customers start complaining. With QuickTest, you can test all component parts of customer experience, from telephony lines to voice quality, to all the branches of a complex interaction flow, to the attached data and screen pops your agents should see on their agent desktop.

But, we tested before going live.  We do not need to test again!

The needs of your customers and your business are ever evolving. The technology stack for your contact centre goes through frequent updates and upgrades. A set of phone numbers for your critical sales line may have worked well until yesterday but overnight the CCaaS provider switched SIP trunk provider. Now, the calls connect but the quality of audio has deteriorated. You can only find such issues with the use of regular, automated testing and monitoring.

Automated contact centre testing platforms are too expensive.

We cannot deny that. Sadly, some of our competitors do offer overly complex, expensive solutions. With QuickTest, we are on a mission to change that. We offer consumption-based pricing model, with full concurrency, and consistent (not confusing) pricing across channels. Our platform is multi-tenanted, and prices start as low as $0.45/£0.37 per test.

Our contact centre setup is complex, with several channels and interaction flows across regions. It will be a massive project for us to introduce a new testing platform.

We understand! That is why our team will work with you to assess the best approach to make a start. We will work on a Proof of Value to showcase results. We will work with your technology teams and business to start with high volume and/or high value interaction flows to maximise benefit. In short, we will do all the heavy lifting to accelerate benefits to your business and operations.

We would love to understand your organisation’s customer experience objectives and we will offer a service tailored to your own unique requirements. To book a free consultation and demo of our platform contact us at: contact@cloudcx.ai

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